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Me, I also use the app "Amino" (with all the fandoms there is on this app , an app with full of communities so).

And I met a lot of people . Ps: I'm really want to travel and sound I with start my youtube channel...Oh, I could probably but the link somewhere like my signature +....You find out soon I also have a blog (a lot of things so lol)...Ps: I want to learn Japanese. Also, I decided to learn Spanish because a few people I met on Amino had their first language be Spanish...Yeah I
Je suis Québeçoise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J'ai besoin de dog'z s'il vous plaît salliez mes chiens.
FH > = à 50%= 100 dog'z et FH < 50%= 50 dog'z merci.

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Qui aime parler anglais? (sujet pour ce pratiquer en anglais, ça veut dire où qu'on ne parle qu'en anglais...Venez ICI

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